Most food processing facilities have industrial boilers or hot water boilers for generating steam or hot water for processing, cooking, or sanitation. Industrial food processes need heat at many stages. Heat is one of the most widespread means to reduce or virtually eliminate microbiological risk in food. heat is needed to cook food and thus to render it softer, smoother, more digestible and in general more appetizing, etc. Heat is usually produced by boilers.

Use of Steam Boilers in Food Processing & Beverage industry

  • Hot Water Generation for Sanitation
  • Hot Water for Facilities
  • Steam Power for Machinery
  • Heating Requirement for Facility
  • Steam for Batching
  • Steam for Processing
  • Steam for Cooking
  • Reducing Microbiological Risks in Food
  • Steam for Drying Food
  • Steam & Heat for Packaging
  • 1.2

    Per Kg of Steam Production